Armenia is one of the earliest cradles of human civilization. Its history began many thousands of years ago and continues to the present. It’s a country where old and new live side by side.

Armenia is not a destination for a luxury traveler. But for those who are eager to look into ancient times or roots of Christianity, Armenia offers a deeply rewarding experience for the mind, the senses and the spirit.

Armenia is an open air museum. There are a lot of places of interest. Being a site of ancient civilization, it has a lot of historical monuments all over its territory.

Armenia occupies a territory of 29.800 square kilometers. It is 1800 meters above the sea level. The country is situated between the Caucasus and Asia Minor. The population of the country is about 3.000.000 but there are more than 5.000.000 Armenians all over the world. Among other nations living in Armenia are Kurds, Russians, Greeks, a small number of Ukrainians, Georgians and Jews.

Our country is rich in mountains and mountain chains. The country’s climate is strictly continental with four seasons. It has cold winters and hot summers. It is very famous for its water and minerals.

This sunny and hospitable country is welcoming more and more tourists and travelers from all over the world. It is really worth visiting. Armenians are known for their hospitability, they greet their visitors with warm hosting and make them feel at ease.

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